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Please email our umpire convenor to register your interest in umpiring at Raiders


~ Without Umpires there is no game ~

Equal opportunity, fair play and respect
for an opponent's skill and safety
1. Beginner Umpires
Beginner Umpires are those new to umpiring, or returning from previous season’s hoping to attain their Junior Umpire Award. Minimum requirement’s for Beginner Umpires include:
1. Umpires must be 13 years or turning 13 during the year
2. Complete online course “Rules of Netball Theory Exam”. Raiders will reimburse the cost of this course, if the umpire passes. A copy of the certificate and paid invoice is to be sent to the Umpire Convenor.
3. Attend the DPNA Introduction to Umpiring course, held before the start of fixtures
4. Where available, Umpire Coaches will be assigned to umpires, to support and guide Beginner Umpires
2. Junior Award Umpires
When a Beginner Umpire can demonstrate that they can confidently control a game and are competent in most of the performance criteria on the Competency Checklist, the Umpire Convenor will arrange for the Beginner Umpire to be tested. The Raiders Umpire Convenor and a Convenor from another club will assess the Beginner Umpire. The Competency Checklist is available from the Raiders Umpire Convenor or the DPNA website. The Junior Award Umpire can now start working towards their National C Badge. The online “Foundation Umpires Course” will need to be completed before going for the National C Badge. Raiders will reimburse the cost of this course if the umpire passes and a copy of the certificate and paid invoice is sent to the Raiders Umpire Convenor.
3. National C Badge Umpires
When the Raiders Umpire Convenor is satisfied that an umpire meets all criteria for a National C badge, they will inform the DPNA Umpire Convenor in writing. The DPNA Umpire Convenor will observe the umpire umpiring and if all criteria are met, the DPNA Umpire Convenor will arrange a testing panel. These criteria are available from the Raiders Umpire Convenor or the DPNA website. The Umpire must have current “Rules of Netball Theory Exam and “Foundation Umpires Course” certificates, which must be given to the Raiders Umpire Convenor, to be passed onto the DPNA Umpire Convenor. A testing panel will not be arranged, if these certificates are not provided.
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