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Our uniform comprises the following compulsory items as listed under each of the two uniform options below:
Dress Uniform: 
  • Raiders Dress
  • Raiders Red Bike Shorts (two styles available, depending on size)​
  • Plain white socks OR Raiders white socks
Inclusive Uniform: 
  • Raiders Singlet
  • Raiders Navy Playing Shorts*
  • Plain white socks OR Raiders white socks
    * please note, the red bike shorts CANNOT be worn with the singlet for playing

The Raiders Visor is an optional playing uniform item, it is not compulsory but is the only visor that players are permitted to play in.
We have linked below to our online Uniform Shop.   This is run by the committee and we sell new uniform items only.

In addition, there is a Facebook page set up where individuals can Buy/Swap/Sell Second Hand Uniform items.
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