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Season Launch Address from our Club - Vice President, Samm Davids

1st May 2024


“Three Cheers for the Opposition”

“Three Cheers for the Umpires”

“Three Cheers for Us!”


We are all familiar with this chant, aren’t we?  This chant is common practice after every game, but do we really know why and what it means?


This chant is an act of gratitude and a sign of respect for all those people that make netball games happen.  Thanks, and Respect for the other team for their performance, and sportsmanship they played against you, thanks and respect to the umpires and scorers for giving their time to officiate the game, without them the game wouldn’t happen, and thanks and respect to your team mates who have to achieve a common goal that the whole team has committed to.

Like the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T, is more than a facet of a netball game, it’s about more than just winning games or scoring goals; it's about embodying the values of respect, sportsmanship, and integrity both on and off the court.

It encompasses so much more than just playing netball, so for 2024:

"Shine Bright: Respect Where You Get Your Light to Shine."

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Raiders Allstars is a community netball club in Windsor, Brisbane.

At Raiders we believe that netball is more than just a sport. It is our best moments, our closest friends and our 

Our community spirit is what makes us stand out. We believe netball is a game to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what your ability or age.

Julie Neisler : President

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